Staffroom Stories of Australian Teachers

Take a peek behind the staffroom door at what Australian teachers are talking about, and what they ought to know. Each week we tackle a topic that has come up in my own staffroom, or in our Facebook community, often with special guests who are experts in their field. In collaboration with the Staffroom Stories blog.

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3 days ago

Feeling like teaching is unsustainable, crazy, overwhelming? Yeah, me too... This year was supposed to be the beginning of a settling, and yet here we are, as upended as ever. You aren't alone.   Head to the blog for show notes and full transcript, and don't forget to subscribe!

Monday May 16, 2022

I spoke with Dr Rachel Hannam of North Brisbane Psychologists about the guilt that teachers can feel when they see a student misbehaving. We discussed reasons for feeling this guilt, and how we can redirect that into something more constructive and positive for both teacher and student. Head to the blog for show notes and transcript!

Saturday Apr 30, 2022

What's all this about eh? Join me in the Staffroom for stories from Australian teachers - what they talk about, and what they ought to know. Head to the website for show notes and transcripts.


Welcome to Staffroom Stories!

The topics us teachers discuss in our staffrooms are certainly not limited to how the last lesson went. 


Join host Emily Aslin each week, as we dive into what Aussie teachers are talking about, and what they ought to know about. Some topics will be controversial, some will be triggering, some will be very light-hearted - but all of them are real topics that come up in our staffrooms.

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